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Our Campaign


To encourage the government to get all children safely back to school in September.


Many in the national media noted over the weekend that the government continues to say that schools “may” open in September, and this will only be possible for certain year groups. This is not acceptable. Research shows that home-schooling and access to learning have been inconsistent across the country, with disadvantaged children faring particularly poorly.  



Preventing long-term damage to our children caused by the loss of learning, particularly for those who are most disadvantaged, should be our government’s priority. The best place for most students is in the classroom. School provides consistency, social interaction, and a stimulating learning environment. It is also vital to promoting children’s physical and mental health and wellbeing.



With the right people around the table (including head teachers, unions, parent bodies, local authorities and the DfE), and with a solutions-focused mindset, it will be possible to find a safe way forward for September. This requires leadership, determination and funds by no later than 13th July, to give head teachers and school governors time to prepare. In the meantime, education policy is adrift, children are suffering, parents are struggling, and teachers need a clear, timely plan to safely return children to school. 

Giving parents a voice...

please share your experience of home schooling


We are preparing a paper to submit to the Education Select Committee which will include a summary of parents’ experiences of home schooling this term.  

It will be anonymous, we just need to know your town and if your child is at primary or secondary school. IT IS URGENT. PLEASE SUBMIT BY MIDDAY SUNDAY 5th JULY


We are interested in the quality and quantity of work, breadth of subjects, follow up on work from teachers and interaction between your child, yourself and their school. 

Your feedback is anonymous  -