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Giving parents a voice in the debate 




Why? To help teachers to prepare for a new season of learning, parents to plan their work and childcare, and our children to know that they will be back learning safely with their friends. 

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The government has promised that all of England’s schools will be reopening in September, and details of how this will be achieved in practice are still being worked out. We are continuing to call on government to put children and education at the heart of their strategy, to ensure that all children are safely back at school in September, and to ensure that contingency planning in the event of local lockdowns or a second wave takes account of parents’ homeschooling experiences so far.

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Supporting our online poll

We believe that parents' voices must be heard in the ongoing national debate about what should be prioritised in managing the pandemic going forward. 

This week, the government’s scientific advisors have said that opening schools is a priority for the health and wellbeing of children, but that we are at the limit of what can safely be reopened during the pandemic. 

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In September, the reopening of schools may require a trade-off, closing some of the other activities that are currently open, to ensure that households can be safely reconnected through the school environment. 

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Write a letter to your MP

The voice of parents has been conspicuously absent so far in the debate on reopening schools in England. A great way to make your voice heard is to write to your MP.  The more of us who do write, the more likely children's needs will be priotritised as lockdown eases.

Please use our template letter and MP finder to send your letter — and please do spread the word.


Giving parents a voice

If you haven’t already done so, please share your lockdown homeschooling experience with us

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Our campaign objective



The government announcement, on Friday 19th June, that provision will be made for all children, in all year groups to be back to school in September is very welcome news. 

Our campaign focus is on ensuring there is a clear, funded and practical plan in place to deliver on this commitment.


Teachers need to prepare for a new season of learning, parents need to plan their work and childcare, and our children need to know that they will be back learning safely with their friends. 



With the right people around the table (including head teachers, unions, parent bodies, local authorities and the DfE), and with a solutions-focused mindset, it will be possible to find a safe and practical way forward.

our campaign

What was Parliamentary motion 621?

Supporting our campaign the MP for Twickenham, Munira Wilson, has tabled a Parliamentary motion that presses the Government to urgently devise a plan to enable children to safely return to school in September.

The Early Day Motion was presented to the House on the 24th June and has been signed up by 10 MPs from the Lib Dems, Conservative, Labour and Green Party proving this is a genuine cross party concern.

Read the campaign details and the detailed objective set out in the motion on Munira Wilson's website by clicking below.

Screenshot 2020-06-22 at 17.46.42.png

Join us in calling for 

a safe and practical plan that gets all our children 

back to school.

"It's great that the Government has backed the tutoring idea, and that will help hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged pupils.


But we need urgent clarity on the next school year. We need to make sure schools reopen in September. This is the much bigger challenge, and will make the biggest difference of all."

Prof Lee Eliot Major

Speaking to The Telegraph 19.06.20

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Latest News

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The September for Schools campaign was set up in June 2020.

It is run and personally funded by the September for Schools Working Group of four parents.

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