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We have drafted up suggested wording below that you are welcome to use.

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Dear [MP name]

I am a parent in your constituency. I am really concerned about the detrimental effect of the pandemic on children’s education and wellbeing across our country. 

On the 2nd of July, the government announced its arrangements for the full reopening of schools in September. It is clear that home-schooling by parents continues to be the government’s contingency plan for our children’s education for as long as the pandemic lasts. I know from personal experience during the last four months of lockdown that this is not sustainable, workable or fair, either for parents or for children. 

It is critical that all children get back to school in September. As my MP, I would like you to work with the government to ensure that the plan that was announced by Gavin Williamson does get delivered without any drift or delay. Schools must be open to all from the first day of term. Home-schooling can never replace the advantages that school brings beyond learning, such as social interaction, stimulation and structure. 

In the event of a further local lockdown or the isolation of classes or year groups within a school, both schools and parents need to be given clear and unambiguous guidance, support and resources for remote learning. This is particularly the case for disadvantaged children, single-parent families, and children with special educational needs. 

I am calling for:

  • National minimum standards for remote learning, so that children and parents know what to expect from their schools if learning must shift to the home environment

  • Proper funding for online and physical learning resources, to ensure that no child’s education is compromised by families’ individual circumstances

  • Targeted support to schools so they can better help parents continuing in paid work, parents of children with SEND, and parents who do not have English as a first language

  • Dedicated support for pupils’ emotional and mental wellbeing, which is guaranteed to continue in the event of local lockdowns or self-isolation. 

Our children are our nation’s future. It is time for the government to put children and their education at the heart of their strategy as lockdown eases. Please use your influence as my MP to help hold the Department for Education to account for finding workable solutions that will mitigate the negative impact of future lockdowns on parents and children across our nation.




[insert name and full postal address – even if you send this by email]

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